Sunday, September 15, 2013

Opening Day

"Today will be a tough game," the Kid explained earnestly. "Since we're on the road, we won't have many fans there."

He looked me square in the eye. "Mum-mum, it's going to be just as intense as the NHL."

It was 6:30 in the morning and we were having breakfast. Soon we'd be hitting the road for the Kid's first regular season squirt hockey game. They were playing the Baltimore Stars. I didn't bother to explain to the Kid that the number of fans will be pretty consistent whether they're at home or on the road, since the Blue Devils fan base is made up of parents...the very same parents responsible for getting players to the rink, wherever the rink may be.

The Kid could barely contain his excitement. Talk, talk, talk. From the minute he got out of bed, all through breakfast, as he loaded his equipment in the car, the hour-long drive to the rink. Talk, talk, talk. Meanwhile, I was regretting staying up late watching ice dancing. But damn, Meryl and Charlie! Right?

The Blue Devils won 5-0. They actually played pretty smart hockey. It was fun to watch. The Kid shot wide on a breakaway and they collectively spent way too much time in the penalty box (at least we learned our PK unit is solid.) Everything about the game was awesome.

Especially the cheat sheets. We have two ridiculously brilliant and resourceful moms serving as team managers. One of them created these pocket size laminated cards with the players' names and jersey numbers, and their parents names and contact information. Each family got two cards, hooked onto a neck lanyard and a clip-on lanyard. Brilliant! It's making it so much easier to get to know the kids and the parents who belong to them.

The Kid recapped the game as we drove home. Talk, talk, talk. Until he fell asleep.


  1. You know, if we could bottle his energy, we could make a fortune. I'd give a couple molars and maybe a little toe to drink from his fountain of endless energy.

    1. You're so right! Everyday I wish I had half his energy. Just half!