Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stay Classy

I had penalty box duty during the Kid's hockey game. The Blue Devils were taking on the Delaware Ducks at the Pond. Our boys were having a blast, playing smart hockey, really hustling. And scoring a lot of goals. Right about the time the Ducks changed goaltenders, our coach started making some changes too.

First, Coach asked the boys who were scoring multiple goals to stop taking shots. Then he asked the team to focus on passing. They were told to make 3-4 passes before someone could shoot. Still, the score kept climbing. Finally he told the boys, "No more shots."

The Blue Devils won 11-0. My guess is some of the boys were disappointed that Coach made them stop shooting. But I thought it was a classy thing to do and I made sure to point it out to the Kid on the drive home.

Good game, Coach.

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