Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beast Mode

I was on my back on the gym floor with CrossFit Boy massaging my calf and ankle and admonishing me to spend more time in Trigger Point purgatory. I groaned.

Another colleague leaned casually on the cable machine smiling. "You don't look happy," he observed.

"I'm frustrated," I admitted. "I'm doing everything right and I just don't feel like I'm making enough progress."

"How long did you neglect your injury?" he asked.

"Three years."

He shrugged. "Then you're halfway there."

I spent three years destroying my leg. My ankle and hip are such a mess that when I skate I can't achieve the leg positioning needed to do things like hold an edge or shift my weight going backward. I can't skate for longer than 30 minutes at a time because my leg can't hold up. Often it seems all hope is lost for my illustrious figure skating career.* But if I'm halfway a year and half I'll be kicking some figure skating ass. Beast Mode!

*Lest I sound like a whiner...I should point out that off the ice I'm moving great. Physical therapy and a lot of hard work on my own has improved my flexibility and strength. I'm good at the gym! (And hey, this injury launched a new career for me.) There's something about skating - the equipment, the ice surface - that messes things up. So despite the frustration, I'm pretty sure all hope isn't lost.


  1. All is not lost. Your passion is still there and that counts for a lot. Plenty of elite skaters struggle to come back after an injury. Pretend you are one of them. After all, you are an elite skater of sorts- you are an adult skater who has TESTED!

    If you want to be a bit of a language dork about it, you could learn to count in Ukrainian or Russian. I have a feeling that counting reps is far cooler and feels more buff-powerful in those languages. Plus you could freak Dmitri out during a lesson by counting your next dance rhythm aloud like that. ;) Just sayin' *giggle*

    Good luck and most of all- hang in there!

    1. Passion...impatience...either way, something's gotta give! And hey, if Plushenko can come back to the Olympics after 12 surgeries, certainly a little ankle injury can't keep me from Canasta Tango-ing. I am an elite skater! (Who can't skate backward...) :-D

  2. Yes, those three step-behinds at the tail end of the RB are calling your name!

    1. No way, sir! After my RB test I was all cocky about being able to do them. I was playing around one day, stepped on the back of my blade and ended up on my "tail end." Aaaah figure skating, such a humbling sport.